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About AFC


Corporate Philosophy

Since its establishment in 1969, AFC Japan stands by its corporate philosophy of ensuring product
efficacy, integrity and safety in bringing top quality, highly effective products that are appreciated by
its consumers. This strong philosophy propels AFC Japan to become the leading brand in the
health food arena.

Quality Control and Assurance

The research and development team behind AFC Japan is made up of the very best in Japan. Every stage of production goes through a
sequence of stringent quality control parameters. Formula derivation, ingredient testing and quality control are some of the few areas that
the team strives for perfection in.


Extremely stringent ingredient selection process:

Ingredient selection undergoes an uncompromised sifting and testing process. Only the best ingredients
and raw materials are being used.

Extremely stringent in quality control parameters:
Accurate evaluations of the qualities (e.g. safety, stability, effectiveness, etc) of raw materials and ingredients used for
manufacturing products are ensured by conducting stringent receiving inspections through the acquisition of all
necessary information, such as certificates of origin, manufacturing procedures and quality specifications, as
well as clinical trial data (evidence) and other academic data.




Research and Development
Over the decades, AFC has also forged a reputation as the leader in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable
and dedicated scientists and research personnel, AFC has innovated many products, using groundbreaking technology that became category
leaders and trusted by consumers. AFC-HD AMS Life Science together with Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co. Ltd have also established
effective manufacturing processes, from planning/design of new products, prototype production/experiments to full-scale production, thereby
securing a robust and seamless quality assurance environment.





Research and Development
AFC Japan is the health supplement arm of AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd (formerly known as AMS). AMS Group is the first health food
company to be listed on JASDAQ. The AFC-HD conglomerate comprises:

1. Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory

The research arm of AFC-HD with a team of experienced scientists

  • Develop efficacious products based on scientific data using the latest technology


2. Honzo – Leading Pharmaceutical Herbal Medicine since 1831

A TCM Kampo company incorporated since 1831 with a solid 180 years of history in manufacturing TCM products. Kampo is the Japanese
study and adaptation of Traditional Chinese medicine. Kampo medicine is a very respectable medicinal category in Japan. Kampo medicine
in Japan is regulated as pharmaceutical preparations, their ingredients are exactly measured and standardized. Regulations, and likewise
safety precautions, are much stronger and tighter for Japanese Kampo than Traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Honzo supplies at least 50% of its products to hospitals


3. Kenko TV – TV Station With Dedicated Health Channel

A TV production company with dedicated health channel


  • Advertising arm for all the groups under AFC-HD
  • Responsible for TVC production, print advertisements, product videos and magazines
  • TV channel reaches all of Japan, bringing trusted health and beauty tips to Japanese consumers


4. AFC Japan – Premium Pharmacy Stores Since 1941


5. TaKaRa – Leading Food Bio -Technology Conglomerate


The leading giant Japanese research and production conglomerate


  • Both AFC-HD and TaKaRa own shares in each other’s companies so as to leverage onto each company’s core capabilities.


    Environmental Awareness

AFC is also actively involved in preserving the environment by incorporating environment
friendly materials during its production and packaging process. For example, the
air-pillow cushioning material used for packaging does not emit dioxin and hydrogen
chloride when incinerated.



AFC Japan was founded by Asayama Tadahiko after accumulating years of sales and trading experience. Subsequently
AFC (Asayama Family Club) developed mail order sales channel and ventured into the growing cosmetics industry.
In 1999, AFC commenced international trade, developed more than 200 star products and won highest rating in the
Japanese market. AFC soon expanded into more overseas countries like Singapore, Korea etc.

During the pioneering years of setting up AFC, Asayama Tadahiko realized that the industry is very fragmented and operated on small
scales on a weak foundation that often prioritise sales and only focus on cutting cost over other facts such as quality. He insisted in
building a large comprehensive production system that operated on the 4 main principles of raising quality standards, affordability,
increasing awareness and social responsibility. He was the very first in the health foods industry to devote to R&D and retail, successfully
revolutionizing the Japanese health foods industry. Being able to understand the ever changing health and beauty needs of consumers,
Asayama Tadahiko’s AFC continues to expand and grow and became the leader of the Japanese functional health food industry.




1969      Founded Asayama Shoji in Shizuoka City


1975      Asayama Shoji Co. Ltd was incorporated, in order to enhance its dietary supplement business


1980      The dietary supplement business spun off into a separate company, named Mioh Foods Co. Ltd


1982      The special dietary supplement mail order sales division, Asayama Family Club (current AFC) was
established. Asayama Shoji Co. Ltd established a new plant attached to an office in Toro, Shizuoka City, and relocated
its head office to the office in Toro


1994      Mioh Foods Co. Ltd built a new plant attached to the head office and offered general OEM manufacturing
capability within


1995      The Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory was founded to promote research and product planning of dietary supplements


2001      Asayama Shoji Co. Ltd changed name to AMS Life Science Co. Ltd concurrently with the completion of its new plant in
Toyoda, Shizuoka City. The cosmetics division was founded, obtained a business license, started to develop and produce its
cosmetics products


2004      Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co. Ltd founded Kenko TV Co. Ltd as its affiliated company


2005      AMS Life Science Co. Ltd formed its Tokyo office

  • The second plant of AMS Life Science Co. Ltd and call center at the head office of AFC Co. Ltd were set-up
  • The head office plant of AMS Life Science Co. Ltd was granted GMP certification for the manufacturing of
    dietary supplements by JHNFA
  • Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co. Ltd’s test production facility was completed

2007      Appointed Lifestream Group Pte Ltd as its sole distributor for Singapore and SEA markets

  • Honzo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd was established. Their production and sales of Ethical Kampo formulation, non-proprietary drug,
    and health care products were highly successful and the company diversified into medical business
  • The company acquired majority stake in Shojikimura Co. Ltd, which has a retail and wholesale business of organic foods,
    and added to the AMS group
  • Hanamai Co. Ltd was added to the group 2008 The company entered into a contract of capital and business
    alliance with Takara Holdings Inc

2008      The company entered into a contract of capital and business alliance with Takara Holdings Inc

2009      Acquired Moriya Co. Ltd to become AFC Moriya Co. Ltd, largest retail chain of 117 outlets in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

2010      AMS Life Science Co. Ltd changed its name to AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd



AFC Japan engaged the internationally acclaimed master of product design Saihei Makinami to revamp the AFC logo based on
the corporate values of safety and dedication to customers’ health and youth. The new logo symbolizes the ring of happiness
and contentment connected by nurturing hearts, and “constantly creating future”. This new brand logo was officially adopted
on 1 Sept, 2011.


To meet increasing market demands, the 4th factory is established in Shizuoka prefecture, Kuniyoshida. It is a 7-storey building
and provides one-stop facility from planning, production, purchasing, packaging to shipping.

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